Coaching is a very practical tool that can help you to improve your personal impact and effectiveness.   Taking time to look at issues and different options with me, as a coach, will help you work through blocks and barriers quickly, and find positive ways forward so you reach your personal and professional goals.

Coaching starts from the premise that everyone has the best answers to their own situation within them. Through coaching you can get to these answers, plan how to apply them and take the actions you choose.  By asking the right questions and giving you the quality space to focus in, I can help you to access that knowledge already there in your head, being hidden by the layers of innate protection, limiting beliefs and learnt behaviours.  

I take a structured but informal approach and like to bring humour and play to the coaching experience to tap into the real unfettered you. Together we’ll focus on identifying, and then getting you the outcomes you want and I’ll ensure you get the support you need to move you forward.

Coaching, Yoga and Pilates Retreat in Fuerteventura, 6-13th January 2018.

I’ve teamed up with the fantastic Azulfit to offer a special well-being week combining the power of Coaching with Yoga and Pilates!

Each morning you will wake up and enjoy a flowing yoga or Pilates class and each evening there will be a more gentle, restorative session.  Rejuvenation and recovery prepare you for anything you may have planned for the next sun filled day in paradise!

During the day is where the transformative coaching work begins. You can book one or more sessions with me over the course of the week.  You can also trial the group session to get a feel for what coaching is all about.

Together, we’ll look holistically at what you want to achieve or change in your life, look at where you are now with it, what options you could have, what barriers or obstacles could get in your way and what you want to do to make it happen. It could be a life change, a career move or simply continuing the new health and wellbeing you have found from your time at Azulfit.

With the addition of coaching, you’ll leave Surya Retreat with not just a refreshed mind and body, but also a plan to help sustain you back in real life!  

For more information and to book, please visit:


What else do I need to know? 

Depending on where you are based, coaching sessions can take place face to face, by phone, Skype or Facetime. Each session lasts from 1.5 – 2 hours.

My main areas of focus in coaching are Health and Wellbeing;  Career development, career change and returning to work; empowerment, confidence and resilience; personal development; and small business coaching.

If you have another area you would like to focus on we can chat about whether I’m the right coach for you and if we think it might be more beneficial, I can refer you onto another great coach who works within that area. 

I’m a qualified i3 profiler too and we can use this unique and powerful personality profile tool to help you to gain better awareness and understanding of your natural traits.  We can then use this in coaching to ensure that you are making the most use of all the strengths and skills you have.

What my clients say:

“Thank you Christina for putting me back in the driving seat.” DA, NHS community nurse.

“Working with Christina was empowering and life changing. Her calm and understanding approach guided me through what felt like a maze.” JW, Probation Service.